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Cinched and Secured – Rachel Bound and Pumped
Cinched and Secured – Rachel Bound and Pumped
Cinched and Secured – Rachel Bound and Pumped

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Cinched and Secured – Rachel Bound and Pumped

Sometimes there’s no reason to tie a woman up….but sometimes a woman is so tasty in her struggles, so irresistible in her peril that you just can’t help yourself, and Rachel is just such a woman, much to her misfortune. Once she’s had that mouth watering body of hers poured in a tight catsuit and her mouth filled with a truly mean pump gag, everything else is gravy. She can squirm, she can struggles, she can grunt, she can groan, but NOTHING is going to prevent her from being bound more and more tightly. She also quickly learns that nothing is going to prevent me from pumping the gag up bigger and bigger, and the look in her eyes as she realizes that every squeeze of that bulb is reducing her ability to make ANY sound at all, and she knows there is definitely no escape!
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