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CinchedandSecured - Garnet Rose - The Chair
CinchedandSecured - Garnet Rose - The Chair
CinchedandSecured - Garnet Rose - The Chair

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CinchedandSecured - Garnet Rose - The Chair

Garnet was a true daddy’s girl, and now she prayed daddy would come to her rescue! The man who had her bound to the chair had no qualms about tying her in wildly uncomfortable positions, sparing no part of her tight little body, as long as it would get him what he wanted. Fused to the furniture, her arms bent back cruelly, her legs splayed wide open, her modesty barely preserved by the tiny panties she sported, she mewled and drooled humiliatingly past the giant padded bit gag that keep her just quiet enough so that no one would hear her, but just loud enough for her tormentor to delight in her gurgling, bubbling sobs and pleas! Her limbs were in agony, even her feet had been immobilized in rope, and she knew that even if her daddy succumbed to the wishes of this madman, she was certain to face torments she’d never wipe from her mind! The only question was who would break first: Her daddy or her mind?
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