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Hardtied – Fun With Rope – Coral Aorta 2013-05-01
Hardtied – Fun With Rope – Coral Aorta 2013-05-01
Hardtied – Fun With Rope – Coral Aorta 2013-05-01

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Hardtied – Fun With Rope – Coral Aorta 2013-05-01

Coral Aorta is about to go into pain slut overload. She used to think she wasn’t tough enough to handle anything that came her way. Now she revels in every ounce of her masochism. I chose the roughest ropes and tightest ties to put her in her place fast. Even just languishing on the ground has her in subspace. When the floggers come out and start to dance across her ass that breathless, submissive grin appears immediately. Clips and clamps are an especially insidious way to torment her. They hurt so much going on, but the pain dulls after a while. When they come off, though, all of that feeling comes back, stronger than before. Coral said she likes to be tightly bound and made to complete difficult takes. I thought it would be fun to watch her try to pick up weights with her nipple clamps while struggling against the roughest rope I’ve got.
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