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Locked in a Restrictive Head Box, Elise is Le
Locked in a Restrictive Head Box, Elise is Le
Locked in a Restrictive Head Box, Elise is Le

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Locked in a Restrictive Head Box, Elise is Le

Sensory Deprivation Orgasms -t With ear plugs wedged deep into my ears and a foam-lined box locked onto my head, Utmost Restraint is in full control of my body – even with my hands free. He has control over my head, and if you can control a person’s head, you can control everything. I am at his mercy, and thankfully he takes good care of me. Beginning in a seated position, my nipples are quickly tied with string to my toes. This comes into play once Utmost Restraint introduces a vibrator to my pussy, as I tend to squirm and squeal. It is a head trip to be in the box. At first I am concerned for my ability to exchange air around the neck hole. It becomes hot and sweaty in the box. Thankfully, after the first few orgasms, I am no longer thinking about that. I am now thinking about my nipples being pulled on and the vibrator. It isn’t until I am moved onto my back that I begin to freak out a little – this position has always been difficult for me. Utmost Restraint is patient and allows me some time to submit my arms to his control by standing over me. The following orgasms are much more intense after having passed through this brief period of panic. Each orgasm brings a few tears at this point. With my head separated from my body, it is easy to let the emotions flow. The orgasms encourage me to let it out. The head box is a success. Thank you Utmost Restraint!
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