BondageLiberation - Elise Graves, Roderick Grey
BondageLiberation - Elise Graves, Roderick Grey

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BondageLiberation - Elise Graves, Roderick Grey

Returning the Favor I have actually been making Roderick come for several years. Not with my body, however with my video clips. Week in as well as week out, Roderick has actually wondered what it would resemble to return the favor. So eventually he in fact finds a solution for it. He builds a custom-made tool for me, slides into his latex, and also goes to town on my body and mind. After strapping and also zip-tying me to his device, his fun begins with my the very least favorite activity – tickling. Do not allow my screams of giggling fool you – I am not enjoying this! My legs are spread out and secured wide open. He then begins to pass through both my mouth and pussy with his rubber-gloved hands. A little bit of electro excitement is contributed to my inner thighs right prior to he begins sliding his rubber-sheathed cock down my throat. This is a huge turn on for me, as I am being utilized for his enjoyment. However the good news is, my pleasure is his pleasure, as well as Roderick quickly is strongly fucking me with a vibrator while vibing my sensitive clitoris. Yes, I am shrieking my head off. I am most absolutely orgasming – over and over and over. Roderick, you have actually returned the support and also even more!
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