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Shadow Slaves – Bunnys Birthday
Shadow Slaves – Bunnys Birthday
Shadow Slaves – Bunnys Birthday

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Shadow Slaves – Bunnys Birthday

When bunny chooses to spend her 27th birthday with us, Magick makes sure it will be a memorable celebration. Starting simple, with a spank for each year, a pattern starts to emerge, when she is made to count the cane strikes that follow. But it’s going to be more than just a birthday spanking, as a leather paddle is used to deliver another 27 to her inner thighs. Next her complexion is given color, with 27 hard slaps to her face. To keep things varied, 27 clothespins are attached to her tits, and the last of her clothing is torn away, before they are brutally whipped off again with a vicious leather quirt, while a single tail whip is used to lash her exposed cunt. Magick presents her with a small birthday cake, but before she can taste it, she must face another caning, bent over, tits scorched by the burning candles, followed by a hard back whipping. As a reward, Magick stuffs handfuls of the cake into her gagging mouth, but before she can finish it she is taken with a need to pee. Rather than interrupt the celebrations, Magick passes her a glass, and since there is nowhere to dispose of it, she is made to drink it all down again. Legs spread on a heavy wooden throne with head restraint, he uses her cunt rings to tie her sex wide open, and clamps her tongue to the head bars to ensure she stays in place, as a small leather whip is used to lash directly into her cunt hole. Choking on her screams, the clamp is moved to her nose and bound to the torn remnants of her pantyhose. Pretty sparks, from a hand held sparkler firework, sear her open cunt and body, and her stretched cunt flesh is twisted and mauled, until Magick is satisfied that she is wet enough to proceeds to the next stage. She is briefly, and brutally fisted to prepare her, before being seated on a sybian with all her weight on the dildo holding her in place, as she endures orgasm after orgasm, over and over again. The orgasmic waves are unrelenting, despite Magick’s distractions, as he attaches a clamp to her clitoris, and burns her breasts with hot candle wax. A huge black studded dildo is rammed deep into her throat, and left there, as she judders under the weight of unending orgasms from the sybian. He beats her tits with a paddles, and twists her nipples, until finally he is done with her, but the sybian is not, and she is left alone to endure the machine’s relentless pounding as each orgasm blurs painfully into the next.
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